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5 Ways to Make a Home Spa Retreat

We’d all love to include a visit to a Phuket spa in our day, but between work, family, social life and everything else, it seems like it’s always the first thing to get cut from your schedule. However, it’s also the one thing that shouldn’t be – you always need to make time to look after yourself, because it’s not something you can catch up on later. So, if time and budget constraints are keeping you from your spa retreat, here are a few ways to turn your home into a luxury spa.

Break out the comfortable clothing

Soft slippers or comfortable flip-flops are essential. You’re on your feet all day so looking after them is important and you’ll really feel the difference from walking around in your usual shoes. If you’re planning your home spa day for a group of you, try to get matching slippers for all of you – it’ll make you feel like you’re in a real Phuket spa!

comfortable clothing, relax day

Fill the house with fresh-cut flowers

This has two advantages. Not only does it break up the familiarity of the house and make it feel that much more like a Phuket spa, but it also fills the place with relaxing floral aromas.

Make pitchers of infused water

Get some pitches of ice water and add slices of lime, lemon, strawberry, cucumber or watermelon (probably not all of them – that would taste really weird). Ideally, do this several hours before you plan to start drinking them. Not only is staying well-hydrated great for your health but it’ll give you that authentic spa experience. If you want to recreate a Phuket spa in your own home, go for butterfly pea flavouring. The purple flower makes for the most popular spa welcoming drink here.

Have a long, hot bath

This one is not at all about getting clean – if you just wanted to wash, a shower is best. This is about giving yourself time to relax and unwind. Surround the tub with candles, load up the water with every oil, salt and bomb you can find in your cupboards and soak until the water is too tepid to be comfortable. Your muscles and your mind will thank you for it.

Cut up some cucumber

It’s a bit of a spa trope, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly. Put them over your eyes while you’re sat relaxing (including while you’re in the bath, sipping on that infused water) and let them start unpacking those under-eye bags for you.