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How to Slow Things Down in a World That Never Stops

It’s all good and nice when people tell you that you need to relax and slow things down, and doing so on holiday can be easy enough. A visit to a Phuket spa is no big deal if the only other items on your calendar for the day are lounging by the pool or walking on the beach. However, when you get back to the real world, how do you maintain that chilled-out attitude?

Visit a spa

Yes, it does actually work to keep up the habit of getting a massage every now and again. Obviously you don’t have to visit a Phuket spa each time, even though a good Thai massage certainly takes some beating. However, scheduling a little time to pamper yourself every week will certainly help you to relax.

Massage Spa, phuket spa resort

Of course, while a Phuket spa visit might be quite affordable, the same treatment in a western country can be orders of magnitude more costly. However, it doesn’t even have to be a massage. Just schedule some time to do something peaceful and relaxing. Visit the library, have a lie in, walk around the park – just something that allows you to switch off for an hour or so.

Schedule rest

It’s increasingly common to see the schedule of a busy working person packed with meetings and tasks from the time they wake up to hours past the time they should have gone to bed. You may have reached the stage where you have to schedule time to do a particular kind of work to make sure that you get it done without being interrupted by meetings or any other tasks. Well, you can (and should) do the same with rest. Schedule it like everything else, and treat it like any other appointment – don’t cancel it under any circumstances!

Solid Eight Hours

Resting isn’t laziness

I’ll bet that, when I said that you should schedule some time to relax, your instinct was turn your nose up at it. The idea might even have seemed unpleasant to you because it sounds like making time to be lazy. Well, your body cannot run in top gear 24/7 and you will eventually burn out if you don’t allow some time to chill. Maybe your visit to a Phuket spa was just enjoying the famous local art of Thai massage and filling up an hour of your beach day because even spending a holiday doing nothing was too uncomfortable, but there are seriously good physiological reasons to make a habit of it.

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