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Text Thumb, Treat with Massage

Treat “Text Thumb” With Massage

Yes, “text thumb” is actually a thing. Recent studies have found that people are using their mobile phones for over five hours every day and the continuous texting, tweeting, emailing and whatever else is starting to have an effect. Repetitive strain injuries are among those effects, and they can be very painful. Fortunately, a visit to a Phuket spa can help.

What exactly is text thumb?

Think about the amount of texting and typing you do on your smart phone each day. Now think about exactly what you’re demanding of your body. Your fingers and thumbs are being expected to repeatedly and continuously use fine motor skills, hitting tiny keys with absolute precision, often at speed. Add the fact that you’re clutching an awkward-shaped lump of metal and plastic throughout the process and you’ll find the results including muscular contraction and repetitive strain degeneration. Even in the short term, cramps and stiffness in your hands are far from unusual.

text thumb, Treat with Massage

What else can texting affect?

Arguably the greater risk than text thumb is text neck. Bending your head forward to peer at the tiny screen for hours on end can lead to spinal alignment problems. Repeatedly using your phone for extended periods puts your body in a posture it was really not designed for, putting strain on the neck and shoulders.

How do you prevent these conditions?

It probably sounds a little fatuous, but the obvious solution is to stop using your phone so much. Take regular breaks from the screen, using the time to walk around with your head upright to reset your posture. You could also consider using your non-dominant hand for tasks that don’t demand so much precision, such as general scrolling. At the very least, it’ll balance out the impact on your musculoskeletal system instead of loading all of the stress onto a single hand.

stop using your phone,

Can Phuket massages help?

A visit to a Phuket spa can absolutely help. Therapeutic massages can help with more long-term conditions, but even a simple Thai massage will help a lot with immediate symptoms like numbness and tingling in your wrists, neck and shoulders. While a full-body Thai massage does generally incorporate a short workout for your hands, it might be smart to ask specifically for a hand massage if you know that you use your phone a lot. Don’t forget the shoulders and neck, too – again, ask the masseuse to specifically focus on these areas.