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How to Get Rid of Knots in Your Muscles, Phuket Massage

How to Get Rid of Knots in Your Muscles

A common term associated with Phuket massages is having ‘knots’ in your muscles. It’s widely accepted, but what does it actually mean? How can you have a knot in your muscles? Many of us will know the discomfort of them, but what exactly is a knotted muscle and, perhaps more importantly, how do you prevent and treat them? We’ll be answering these questions below.

What is a ‘knot’?

Despite being made of fibres, muscles aren’t like string and can’t really get tied up in knots. What people generally call a ‘knot’ is actually the tearing of your muscles and tendons on a microscopic level. This is generally caused by working the muscle beyond its capabilities, putting more strain on them than they can handle. While this is especially common in athletic sports, it can occur in something as simple and mundane as office work. Repeatedly doing the same task – even if that task is just sitting in your chair and typing – will put strain on your muscles, and doing it for too long might cause overstraining and tears.

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What causes muscle knots?

There are three conditions which cause people to seek out Phuket massages to relieve them of tightness across the shoulders, neck and back. These are dehydration, inactivity and injury. All three make your muscles particularly fragile and inflexible, making them much more susceptible to the microscopic tearing which causes knotting. They might also cause your posture to suffer, which could cause other problems with your musculature, increasing your need to visit a Phuket spa.

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How to avoid muscle knots

To avoid getting knots in your muscles, you need to keep your muscles strong, flexible and hydrated. The last one might seem a little of an oddball, but water is an essential ingredient in respiration – the process whereby your muscles extract energy from the food you eat. Without energy, the muscles grow weak and more prone to damage. So, be sure to:

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  • Drink plenty of water. Don’t substitute soft drinks or alcohol here. Water is best.
  • Exercise frequently. This keeps your muscles flexible.
  • Vary your exercise. If you always do the same exercise, your body will soon adapt to it and it’ll stop being as effective.
  • Reduce stress. If you’re anxious, your muscles tense up to ready your body for fight or flight, which increases the likelihood of you overworking them.
  • Sleep well. Your body does most of its repair work at night.
  • Enjoy Phuket massages. A good massage is highly effective at relieving knots as it gently works the muscles, keeping them flexible and strong. Additionally, massage therapy can help with treating already damaged muscles and will also reduce stress and anxiety.