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Why Does a Massage Feel So Good?

Phuket massages feel good – there’s no surprise there. However, what is a little more surprising is the scientific reason behind why it feels good. There’s a lot more to it than you might think, with both immediate and long-term benefits to having a good massage. Here are some of the more remarkable ones.


Improved Circulation

While the blood pumping through your arteries and out towards your muscles and organs is powered by your heart, the return trip through your veins is mostly powered by you moving your body, manually squeezing the blood through its vessels. With modern life often being quite a sedentary affair, circulatory problems are becoming more widespread. Having a massage helps to move fluids around the body, creating healthier tissues and cells and helping the body run more efficiently.


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Endorphin Release

Endorphins are the hormones which activate receptors in our brain and nervous system which respond to opiates. That means that they reduce pain and increase pleasure, increasing our ability to focus and generally making us feel good. Phuket massages can trigger the release of this hormone and increase its production, which is part of why you come away from a spa visit feeling both physically and mentally better.


Dopamine Release

While endorphins open the receptors to allow us to feel good, dopamine is the hormone that hits us right in the pleasure centres. It plays a big role in making us feel rewarded, motivated and sexy. On the more physiological side, it’s also important in controlling movement and emotional responses. Massages can help trigger and increase the output of dopamine, leaving you feeling much better and happier with yourself.


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Oxytocin Release

Of all the pleasure-related hormones, oxytocin is the king. It’s sometimes known simply as the “love hormone” because it is commonly released when you give someone a hug or a kiss. Its effects are associated with our willingness to trust and bond with people. Basically, it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling people talk about when they’re supremely comfortable, and its release can be triggered by Phuket massages.


Treat Illness

We talked about the circulatory system before, but the lymphatic system is also worth mentioning. Like your veins, it is activated by moving your body, particularly because it isn’t connected to the heart or the rest of the circulatory system because it doesn’t carry blood. Instead, it is your body’s defence system, distributing white blood cells, antibodies and other helpful stuff to fight infections. Not only can massages help to push lymph to where it is needed, but some can act as natural anti-inflammatories, helping to reduce the pain caused by swelling.


Stress Relief