Take a break from the sunny Phuket and let us spoil you with our exclusive beauty and wellness spa treatments. Nourish and hydrate your body with an array of facial and body treatments, including body scrubs and wraps to ensure radiant and beautiful skin. Whether you have sensitive, sunburnt, or dehydrated skin, our award-winning Phuket spa provides just the right treatment for your skin type.

  • Sensitive Treatment

    Skin soothing & Calmin

    For Sensitive Skin 60 mins

    2,500 THB
  • Hydrating Treatment

    Skin Moisturizing

    For Dry Skin 60 mins

    2,500 THB
  • Oxygenating Facial

    Skin Radiant

    For All Skin Type 60 mins

    3,000 THB
  • Body Scrub

    Remove dead skin cells

    60 mins

    Recommended Best Seller
    2,000 THB
  • Body Polish

    Deep Cleansing and Nourishin

    60 mins

    2,000 THB
  • Rehydration Body Wrap

    After Sun Burn

    60 mins

    2,000 THB

Why choose us

Phuket Luxury Spa

  • Chann Wellness Spa is an official winner for 'Best Luxury Wellness Spa' in the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards 2017. With over 30 years of experience, ensure service and product excellence.
  • Relax at a complete one-stop spa visit in Phuket. Chann Wellness Spa is fully equipped with luxury facilities to accommodate a range of treatments from body massages to facial treatments.
  • Only the finest botanical ingredients are used in our treatments. Each Chann treatment has been thoughtfully designed to enrich your spa experience and revitalize and your body and soul.
  • Our highly-trained therapists are knowledgable in the countless wellness benefits to be gained from each spa treatment and are respectful of your personal needs.